Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Furst Born.

PhotoStory Friday
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Our dog (whom was our furst born, well not counting the cat, whom wouldn't WANT to be counted OR associated with anything anyway) is slowly succumbing to the realization that Toddler is in fact here to stay.

He'll shamelessly let Toddler mummify him with tape, dress him up like Canis Armstrong or bury him under leaves without a whimper. In return, Toddler is amazingly affectionate back to him and sneaks him abundant amounts of food far too frequently.

For example, yesterday Toddler dumped an entire box of Milkbones treats out and then decided to feed him the cat's food for dessert. In a closet.

Our dog's head is permanently fixated in this position sporting the always classic "OY. Here we go again." expression. Always preparing for Toddler's next move.

Hmmmph. So am I.

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