Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Jolly Green Giant Toddler.

There are days, I tire of being a giant toddler.

I really don't want to re-assemble the same 5 piece pig puzzle and re-read the same Bob The Builder book (SweetBabyJeebusPLEASEJustPickADifferentBook!) a frazillion times an hour.

The experiment: Encourage Toddler to play without me SOME OF THE TIME.

The result: He wants to help me ALL OF THE TIME.

Everything I can do he can do better!

Apparently, my chores and tasks are a new and improved form of play. From cleaning to laundry to blogging. He wants IN. fw872adsjkh3409274937! (see what I mean, he just typed that, even contributing to my oft-neglected blog; so THAT explains the increased subscriber).

Our trees have lost their leaves and he wants to rake every chance he gets. The. boy. wants. to. RAKE.

Give it to me straight*. Is this a phase? I'm hoping NOT.

*Lies graciously accepted.