Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Call Me McCrafty.

I recall sitting in 3rd grade art class making a pinata when my classmate decided to staple her forehead out of sheer boredom.


The school nurse ran in with a flashing exclamation point over her head and rushed her to a hospital. She was physically fine. Emotionally, however, that incident followed her through her entire high school life.

I haven't felt the same about craft projects since. Generally anything that involves yarn, glue, sewing needles or, heaven forbid, staples, FREAKS ME OUT.

You know how when you read those blogs that ooze of ideas and projects and you think to yourself "self, even YOU can do that".

Nah, me neither.

But when Jenn posted how to create a leaf sun catcher, I am embraced my inner McCrafty. I even grated crayons without losing a finger. Progress.

Next up, sewing sans swearing. Wish me luck.