Monday, July 21, 2008

A Post NOT About BlogHer

And not because I'm sick of reading them, just because it appears I was one of 17 people that didn't attend.

Stanley lives!

Our hard drive was completely lost and odds of all odds, our backup external drive failed when trying to restore the latest backup. The odds of that happening are 9.8 frazillion to 1. We eventually restored from 4 month old DVDs (a backup of the backup of the data).

Got that? Win the lottery, nope. Have 2 hard drives fail in 2 days, yes.


The only shot I took this weekend was of these flowers begging me to water them. The rest of my time has been spent loading software, sulking and generally cursing out Windows Vista Shitsa. What I wouldn't do for a Mac right about now.

I'll visit you as soon as I get un-buried from CD's. Until then, please go backup your data again.