Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Doubt Means Don't

Looking at my list of postings, I notice I have a significant amount of posts still in draft mode. Posts that haven't seen the light of day, or the index of Google.

These posts contain content; some better than others. They've consumed my time to write. Yet I can't get myself to actually hit the Publish button. Some of the content contains more than just crumbs for the world to see and is intensely personal. I want to share, but I don't want to share. And others - well let's just say they're stupid for lack of a better word. Does that even make sense? Why draft them then?

I remember hearing someone once say (not sure who - so let's go ahead and give Oprah the shout-out again) that doubt means don't. And I've tried to apply this thought to everyday life.

Before telling a potential harmful joke, before sending an e-mail, before purchasing an item, before making an important decision.

Doubt means don't.

So for now, these posts will stay in draft mode until either my doubt subsides or I hit the delete button already and permanently erase them from my tiny, over-worked brain.

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photo © David Martín :: Suki_ :: for openphoto.net CC:Attribution-ShareAlike