Friday, February 27, 2009


Because y'all are so relentless. This is what a 21 week twin pregnancy looks like.

Yes. I know. I'm UUUUGE. Even our Wii-Fit thinks I'm Wii-Fat.

We had our 20 week prenatal checkup and so far so good. Meeting the twinkies in 4D was spectacular. My path to a pregnancy has been a winding, heartbreaking and incredulous journey that makes typing this seem so surreal. Having ONE child was a miracle. Having siblings for him is a bonus beyond words. Much to our doctor's disbelief, we elected NOT to find out genders because we honestly do not care. If they're healthy, we're happy, that's that.

Baby A

Baby B

Having said that, I foolishly believe in Old Wive's tails. When I was 9, my sister scientifically administered the pencil test on me in our treehouse (whilst on a brief Ouija board break). It confirmed I would someday have 2 boys and 1 girl. You needn't be preggo to have the test; only female. I've never seen it fail...yet.

So, just between you and me, I'm buying pink and blue.