Friday, January 9, 2009

Chew on This.

Last week at various Holiday parties we told friends and families that we are expecting twins.

We tried to think of a creative way to announce that we're expecting a couple in July. When that failed, we ultimately decided to just give everyone a pack of Double Mint gum with their gifts.

While we sat anxiously awaiting their responses to our apparently-not-so-clever idea, 3 out of 5 recipients politely just thanked us for the gift of gum.

Let's face it, they were really thinking what an EL-CHEAPO gift the gum was.

But when the significance of the gum was determined, most people were ecstatic (translation: ecstatic it wasn't THEM and that they get to view the drama from the sidelines).

In the end, my favorite response was definitely "So, is twins 2 or 3 babies?". He will NOT be babysitting. Ever.