Saturday, July 21, 2007

Free Online Photography Resources / Help

I have a passion for photography and am always looking for helpful online resources. This is my list of favorites.

1- Digital Photography School - An article or tip a day from the experts. Great camera and post production tips.

2- Free online 12 Week Photography Classes - Get to know your camera. Outlines, coursework and a forum.

3- 100 Basic Photography Tips - 100 tips in 100 days.

4- Photography Tips for Beginners - Excellent tips and articles on the basics of photography.

5- Exposure Explained - A great visual demo to help you learn exposure.

6- Beginner FAQ's - FAQ's answered.

7- Free Rangefinder Magazine - a free photography magazine subscription.

8- Tips on Flash - Articles on flash photography.

9- Free Noiseware Software - a free program to remove high ISO grain.

10- Sell your photos - Earn money, selling stock photography.

11- Canon Learning Center - Canon tutorials, articles, contests.

12- Free Photo Editing Software - Paint.NET, award winning freeware.

13- Play PhotoStory Friday each week, view photoblogs or join Flickr. Get involved/inspired by other photographers.