Thursday, January 3, 2008

Well. You Asked.

The most frequently asked questions I repeatedly receive (besides the drama-filled conclusion to operation toy room, which I will finally lay to rest next week) is what camera do I own and what camera would I recommend.

Disclaimer: I'm obviously not a professional and have a lot to learn but I do wish everyday were Wordless.

Q1: What camera do I have?
A Canon Rebel XTi DSLR. But it's my glass that really makes the difference. I'll publish a dedicated post on that someday.

Q2: What camera would I recommend?
If you're going to always shoot in auto mode, want to capture videos and need something small, go for a Point and Shoot. A Canon Powershot S5 is a fine choice. I also own a Sony Cybershot DSC that I like.

But like most PS cameras, I had severe shutter lag and was missing my toddler's photogenic action shots by 2 seconds. Enter DSLR land.

Nikon's are excellent cameras, but I have a personal preference for Canon. 30D, 40Dand, XTi and now XSi are all decent consumer-grade Canon DSLR models. Someday I will have a 5D. When pigs fly perhaps.

If you're a photo enthusiast and willing to learn and understabd aperture, shutter speed, exposure, white balancing, the rule of 3rds and depth of field to produce unique photographs, go for a DSLR. Be prepared to read and re-read your manual.

Be prepared to learn your camera inside out and forever surrender yourself to being on the continual quest for a faster lens, a lighter tripod and the perfect lighting conditions.

Since I favor taking shots of my son, my dog and nature versus objects I will earn even less money selling photos via iStockPhoto than from GoogleAds.

Oh, my poor ego.