Friday, May 29, 2009

O Hugh Jackman, Where Art Thou?

I've been having weekly OB appointments for Non-Stress Tests to be performed. They monitor the twins' heartbeats, blood flow, movement and any contractions.

I was pleasantly surprised on what a spa-like experience the appointments turned out to be. I relax in a quiet, cool, dimly lit room in a leather recliner listening to a duet of Beethoven and their heartbeat rhythms.

I SWEAR Hugh Jackman will swagger in and rub my feet at any given appointment.

My physician then briefly reviews the results. She's a hip braniac who sugar coats nothing. This week she gave me 'the talk' to gauge how much of a cluestick I am.

So do you have 2 cribs?   Check!

And 2 car seats?   Check!

Is the nursery and clothing ready?   Check!

Are you comfortable nursing twins in tandem?   Check (my fingers are actually still crossed)!

Are you aware you won't even remember the first 3 months due to pure exhaustion?   *crickets*

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pregnancy. The New Thin.

So. The hospital called to schedule my c-section for next month.


It turns out I really AM pregnant with twins. It's not a dream. It's funny how my massively growing belly neglected to clue me in to the reality of their impending arrival NEXT MONTH. Odd, that.

This is what a twin 32 week pregnancy looks like. This week's ultrasound measured each baby at 4.5 pounds which, although physically uncomfortable, is mentally comforting given an increased risk of pre-term birth.

But what does it feel like? It's vastly different than my singleton pregnancy with Toddler and I hope this indescribable sensation doesn't fade in my memory. It's a cross between dwarfs break dancing and a ferris wheel in my uterus. True, that.

Friday, May 1, 2009

When Inspired Gets Tired.

As I waddled around the yard with my macro lens today, I was pleasantly surprised to find the lilacs slowly starting to bloom.

With one eye looking through my viewfinder, I got one shot fired off before my other eye caught Toddler discovering the birdbath. It got tipped, he got drenched, I cried Uncle.

Naturally this only makes me ponder how much dust my camera will collect after the twins arrive, considering I only have 2 arms and all. But, luckily for me, I am nothing if not consistently wrong.