Friday, May 29, 2009

O Hugh Jackman, Where Art Thou?

I've been having weekly OB appointments for Non-Stress Tests to be performed. They monitor the twins' heartbeats, blood flow, movement and any contractions.

I was pleasantly surprised on what a spa-like experience the appointments turned out to be. I relax in a quiet, cool, dimly lit room in a leather recliner listening to a duet of Beethoven and their heartbeat rhythms.

I SWEAR Hugh Jackman will swagger in and rub my feet at any given appointment.

My physician then briefly reviews the results. She's a hip braniac who sugar coats nothing. This week she gave me 'the talk' to gauge how much of a cluestick I am.

So do you have 2 cribs?   Check!

And 2 car seats?   Check!

Is the nursery and clothing ready?   Check!

Are you comfortable nursing twins in tandem?   Check (my fingers are actually still crossed)!

Are you aware you won't even remember the first 3 months due to pure exhaustion?   *crickets*