Thursday, February 21, 2008


The winner of the Guess What contest is none other than one of my favorite bloggerino's Toni.

Toni, you win a virtual bouquet of flowers given to me by my blogging friend and neighbor Kathryn.

The picture was a portion of a beautiful 1929 dining room chair and table set.

cyberchondriac (sy.bur.KAWN.dree.ak) n. A person who imagines they can diagnose diseases because symptoms match those on an Internet site.
—cyberchondria n.
I think that's me.

Last Friday afternoon we were reading Frosty The Snowman for the 50th time (that week) when I found a hard lump the size of an Easter egg on my dog's leg.

I panicked.

I felt the lump over and over and over. And over again.

By Friday evening, after much consultation with Dr. Google, I was certain my dog had cancer and his leg would be amputated. I even found a dog prosthesis.

5 long, fearful days and a vet aspiration appointment later we found out it was a Limpoma (a fatty non-cancerous tumor).

I think a series of unfortunate events in my past coupled with my field of study (computer science; which forces to you to program code for all scenarios including, above all, the worst-case scenario) has made me paranoid.

Self: STOP IT. Step away from Dr. Google.