Thursday, November 13, 2008

Word To The Bird.

Of all the picnics we went on this summer, one vividly sticks out.

We were eating our bland, soggy lunches near a lake, on a blanket on the ground. These adorable little babies waddled up to us looking all innocent. We were instantly smitten.

Ooooh. Awwww. I'm taking one home!

Unfortunately, some stupid soul (whom occasionally authors this neglected blog and has ZERO will power) decided to feed them ONE teeny, tiny, little Goldfish cracker.

They inched uncomfortably closer.

Begging shamelessly.

Wonking repeatedly.

Until, inevitably, they were sitting ON our blanket relaxing, eating crumbs and CRAPPING at the speed of light while we scattered away, OFF our blanket, aware that we were outsmarted.

Word to the bird.