Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Miss This.

Trying to suck all the marrow out of Fall that we can, we recently drove to the great northwoods and took a steam train ride through the forest. It was spectacular. No picture could truly do it the justice it deserves.

ESPECIALLY when you forget to bring a telephoto lens along.

The train dropped us off in a quaint civil war dated village. There was a blacksmith, logging re-enactments, vintage tractors, train rides, a petting farm and A WAL-MART.

Not really, but it WAS a huge store selling PlasticCheaplyMadeOverPriced Toys that axed the ambiance.

At any rate, a change of scenery really does do a body good. And it's the insignificant little moments like this, that I miss already. We got lost in another world together, for a little while, attempting the activities.

Except for the hiking trail. BECAUSE WE CAN READ.