Thursday, November 27, 2008

Season's Eatings. Let The Holidaze Begin.

We have 3 (THREE!) Thanksgiving dinners in 24 hours. One will we be delectably homemade, one will be blandly catered and one will remarkably resemble a Swanson Turkey TV dinner.

*Insert a holidaze sigh here, here and here*.

We'll drive many many miles, complain about that fact thoroughly and then continue to stuff our faces. I'm personally not a big fan of turkey, pumpkin pie or yams, but the stuffing. Oh, the stuffing.

I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL AROUND STUFFING. And cranberries. And mashed potatoes. And, oddly enough, anything containing mini-marshmallows. I know not why.

Sincere Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you all. And happy shopping to all you brave Black-n-Blue Friday adventurers. Unless the Dollar Store sells plasma TV's, I'm out.