Monday, June 2, 2008

I, Mrs. Zoolander.

We were on vacation the last 10 days (on a side note, I did not change one single diaper in those 10 days, you should try it, it's mahvelous).


My favorite excursion was the annual zoo trip. I fear my son has inherited my zoo-natic gene. I'm the nutjob person that eventually waits for the perfect position, front and center, and then gleefully glues herself to the glass until her husband gives the COME-ON-ALREADY-OR-YOU-CAN-COME-HOME-WITH-THAT-3RD-GRADE-FIELD-TRIP-GROUP look.

I swear the animals know I'm weak and empathetic. They give me eye contact, just BEGGING me to spring them from the joint.

See what I mean?

So I, Mrs. Zoolander, sprung this lion, a polar bear and an African elephant. My husband then threw himself into the tiger pit.