Thursday, October 18, 2007

13 Semi-Amusing Facts

1- A cat purr has the same romance-enhancing frequency as Barry White.

2- On average men spend 51 minutes a day grooming themselves.

3- Approximately 1-2 calories are burned per minute while watching T.V.

4- The artist Vincent Van Gogh sliced part of his ear off in madness.

5- The pound key (#) on the keyboard is called an octothorpe.

6- Approximately 2 gallons of water are used to brush your teeth.

7- The F-117 fighter uses aerodynamics based on the bumblebee's flight.

8- 45% of Americans don't know that the sun is a star.

9- Every three seconds, a new baby is born.

10- Women smile more than men do.

11- In America, one out of every two marriages ends up in divorce.

12- Every 30 seconds a house fire doubles in size.

13- Each year, Americans throw away 25 trillion Styrofoam cups.