Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh, Come On. View My Uterus.

I'll forego the witty banter and just get right to it. I'm pregnant.

With twins.

That wasn't a typo. TWINKIES.

My eggos are 14 weeks preggo. I'm due July 1st and, already, look at least 5 months pregnant.

I've been retching vomiting 24/7 for 8 straight weeks and have lost considerable weight so I've been put on Zofran, an anti-nausea used on chemo patients that isn't working AT ALL. Oddly, dill pickle potato chips help.

The very moment I saw the first ultrasound, before my doctor smirked, before the nurse giggled, before Sam beamed - I knew. How could you not? This, right here, is what HOLYSH!T looks like.

My initial response involved a curse, a prayer, a joke about the Duggars, and a quick alert to Sam that he'll never golf AGAIN (he thinks I'm kidding). Since then, we've been excited and scared all in one breath.

I just can't grasp how I'll ever go anywhere alone with 3 kids (under 3) and only 2 arms. Does anyone have an extra limb I could borrow for a few years?