Monday, May 19, 2008

My Gas Issue

This is my car. Desperately seeking gasoline.

I was nodding my head when I read her, her and her. For the first time, the vomit-inducing cost of gas has impacted Chateau Geek. We've started to compound trips and minimize excursions (which really sucks the donkey because I hear it's nice to actually leave the house every now and then).

Round these here parts:
*Milk - $3.59 a gallon
*Bananas - $.60 a pound
*Grapes - $4.59 a pound (thusly we buy 15 grapes)
*Unleaded gas - $3 frazillion dollars


I'm convinced the next person to find a solution to alternative energies will make Bill Gates look po'.

So, my curiosity is KILLING me softly. Has the rising cost of gas impacted you at all?


  • Dana

    It has me seriously considering riding my bike to work when school is out. And thinking about what I should be spending it on. Kids don't need new shoes, do they?

  • Cecily R

    Oh YES. I don't go anywhere anymore. Not that my social calendar was filled to the brim in the first place, but you're right about donkeys and butts and sucking.

  • Stephanie

    Great minds think alike. This is also my post today :(

  • Cecily R

    I just re read. I made that part up in my head about butts...You just said it sucks the donkey... so I amend and say that I agree with you about donkeys and the and sucking.

  • Krystyn

    I don't think we drive as much, but we really haven't made any huge changes (maybe because we don't have an SUV), but that doesn't mean we shouldn't!

  • OhCaptain

    It has me. I'm really big on not driving if I can avoid it. The Mrs, has never seen a budget she can't ignore :-)

    We actually started looking at motorcycles. We drive separately to work mostly because she starts 2 hours before I do and I don'd do early mornings well. Not to mention, the day care and schools don't open before 6am. The none bus driving parent could then take the cycle to work. Just an idea.

    The motorcycle I had before marriage and children would get me around at 60 mpg. Pretty dang good compared to the horrific mileage in the minivan.


    Yeah, it has affected us, a bit. We're driving to CO though because it'll be cheaper because the price of gas has taken the price of plane tickets up so much we can't afford a plane ticket. ::insert eye roll here::

  • Amy

    It's always impacted me cause my Land Cruiser takes Premium. Yes, we're stoopid.

    We're not cutting out trips - yet - but we're bitching about it a lot.

  • 74WIXYgrad

    As long as I can give up some things, like eating, I'm not affected at all.

    I was discussing this with my wife the other day. since we got married in 1979 the price of gasoline is four times as expensive. However I don't earn four times as muh as I did 29 years ago.

  • Memarie Lane

    It hasn't impacted us too much simply because I never leave the house anyway. Brad uses the car to get to work and back, and I go to the grocery store and library once a week. So we use a half tank of gas a week. It does impact us in the way that we are extremely broke and any added expense hurts. But it has not effected our habits because we already economize to an extreme.

  • Pinky

    Yep. Gas is 3.79 here. Up every day. We bought a tiny car last month and I'm wishin the minivan were mini-er.
    Combining trips, skipping trips, and taking the small car WHENEVER possible.
    Seriously need to plant a veggie garden SOON!

  • Toni

    It didn't at first but now we are really trying to combine trips and just be more aware of the cost of things. And groceries? Crazy expensive! We are spending $30-$40 more each time we go! I think we are doing okay now but I worry about in 4-6 months what things are going to there a ceiling to these crazy costs?

  • Nap Warden

    Lucky for us in one way...I use the car, maybe once a week (that's on a busy week). In The Big City, we pretty much walk everywhere. It is however making cab rides more expensive (again, I can't take cabs because of the carseat issue). The price of food however, is going through the roof. Gas here...4.29 a gallon!

  • CC

    Love the frazilion dollars thang!

    We all squish into the small car for family trips b/c it uses less gas than the super cumfy minivan.

  • jennwa

    The prices have definitely impacted us. My husband went out last weekend and purchased a used Honda Civic to commute to work with. Also we make a lot less trips to Wal mart. Coupons have become my best friends.
    This gas things SUCKS!!!!!!

  • Autumn

    I've been seriously considering a Vespa... like fo real.

    There's this chick that I pass everyday when I'm driving in and she looks all happy-happy and nanny-nany-boo-boo watching us saps puttering away.

  • anglophilefootballfanatic

    Totally. I've had to rethink just leaving the house. If the hubby hadn't just been moved to the other plant with the 40 mile round trip commute, I doubt I'd even blink, because he was all of two miles from the office before. But, now? EEEK. I'm almost tempted to start growing my own veggies, buy a dairy cow, and grow hemp to weave into clothes.

  • Working mum

    Absolutely! It's a similar price here in the UK and it's ridiculous. Over half of it is tax and the government won't budge. I already car share where I can and I only drive a little car. We walk locally to the park and local shops, but husband and I both work quite a way from home and it's that that is costing us more and more. What can you do?

  • painted maypole

    you only pay 3.59 for a gallon of milk. i hate you. the cheapest I can find around here is 3.99

  • Angie

    Yup. I don't go out as much. We are planning our trips to see our family on a less frequent basis and we don't leave much when are are together. Interestingly, or not so interestingly, we aren't spending as much IN GENERAL since we don't drive as much.


  • twithhoney

    Filling my Jetta TDI is ouchy at $4.75/gallon but then I calculate what I save driving to work at 50 MPG in my commuter car versus spending $3.75 and getting only 23 MPG in Honey's mini van and I just want to hug my little VW.

    It also helps that Honey just started telecommuting full time.

  • Laura@Storytellin' Mama

    We live in the outskirts of town in the Sonoran desert and the closest store is 13 miles away. That's 26 miles round trip to fill up the car for three-fifty a gallon and buy the four dollar milk! Ugh.

  • Shamelessly Sassy

    Agreed. At this point, I would rather have the kind of gas problems that involve me stinking out everyone around me than the kind that involve fuel. So sick of gas prices, so very sick of them.

  • Jaina

    Luckily I live about 5 miles away from work, so I don't have to fill up every week. But it went from like $35 to fill my entire tank to somewhere between $50 and $60. Luckily when I drive up to my parents' house my mom lets me put it on the Chevron card, which is nice. Prices are getting ridiculously out of control. Seriously. I think I paid $3.97 the other day. Oh, the Chevron nearest my apartment is $4.05. The bf's nice truck is diesel, it's about $150 a tank. He's driving his dad's car while he's out of the state. And ugh, I've got to go to the grocery store today. Milk and eggs man, they are SO expensive!!

  • david mcmahon

    Just don't fill up your care here in Australia. We pay about $1.45 a litre, and two weeks ago I paid $1.60 a litre.

    The second figure (as you know) converts to about $7.50 a gallon!!

  • Amy

    It's a biatch! I don't drive often, but I never really did. Now I just try to tie all my short errands together. =(

  • Mel's World

    Ok, first of all can we takl about the 48 degrees that is on your dashboard...are you stinkin' serious!?!?!?

    It's flipping 96 degrees here in Ft. Lauderdale and my makeup practically melts off of me before I even get into the car. Ick!

    Anywho...gas...let's see, I have an Expedition and Friday I went and filled it up and it cost me $100 (yep, that's 2 zero's after the 1). Gas is getting really close to $4 here, it was $3.84 on Friday...and with the heat wave (no rain in weeks) you HAVE to run the a/c, and when you wait in car line for 30 minutes a day for the kids, well...let's just say mommy may be running late to pickup line just so I don't have to wait so long running the truck. How sad is that?!?!

    As far as other trips...I tend to stay within a 10 mile radius these days. (I feel "chained" in my yard!)

    I was actually getting ready to do a post about it too...

  • Leanne

    Yep. I'm looking at all the on-line courses instead of driving to school next year. The only good thing about it is my oil stocks keep going up... :)

  • Bren

    Well, you know how I feel. It sucks.

    How's your little guy?

  • Angela

    My husband drives even though I can’t. The main thing is that he doesn’t drive me to work as often. I take the bus and metro. The prices on both have gone up.

  • slouching mom

    Oh, it's awful, isn't it? I am planning local trips very carefully these days -- so that I can get all the errands done at once, strategically, and not waste gas.


  • Amy

    Here's the truth- yes and no. We are going a lot less places so we aren't spending as much money (no more fun days shopping *sniff, sniff*) so in some ways we are saving.

    I really want to go places though and between the price of milk and the price of gas....well, it's no wonder we can pay our bills.

  • tommie

    I can't get passed the 48 degrees! It was almost 100 degrees here today.

    I am paying $3.89 a gallon...

  • Jules

    Between gas and food, I am crazed...I think the coupon clipping folks are on to something:)--Now, I just need to break that code;)

  • Kellan

    We own an electrical contracting company, so YES - it is killing us!!

    Have a good Tuesday - see you - Kellan

  • Chrissy

    Hubby and I already switched vehicles. Thankfully (or regrettably) I really don't drive very much throughout the week, so I've the SUV.

  • Elaine A.

    Yes M'am! I said no to swim lessons down South of me even though it was with all my son's friends. I just didn't want to drive down there 2 times a week. Not to mention I have been walking as much as I can to pick my son up from school. I am definitely trying to make some changes to limit the amount we use.

  • bichonpawz

    I do not drive much at all during the week...I've got an SUV. Gas here...$4.00 a gallon. And groceries....just keep going UP!!! I think everybody's in the same boat!! We were even in the low 40's last night!!

  • ZAM

    Definitely! it's like every time we drop by the gas station, the cost is much higher than the last refill. Sucks really.

  • Mental P Mama

    Absolutely. And I hear $6 / gallon by summer's end...

  • Jacki

    While I rant and rave about the cost of gas on a daily basis, we are fortunate that we can afford it. And I am thankful for that. However, since I don't like paying that much, I have cut down on the number of times I go shopping. Yeah, it drives me crazy to be home 2-3 days in a row, but I like that I can stretch a tank of gas for two weeks.

  • Head Gaggler

    Yeah we carpool as much as we can. We tow a camper so we have to have a big truck so we switched to Diesel to get more bang for our buck. But I am seriously thinking of getting rid of the minivan. Not only do I hate it but I would love to go back to something smaller and more efficient.

  • Amanda

    My mother lives in Brisbane, Australia and has been talking about this same issue.

    Luckily for us here in Indonesia, things are still good for us. But thats only because we're living here as foreigners and in effect spending a stronger currency here. The locals do feel the pinch....

  • Victoria

    Yes and No. I'm very aware of it as I choke and swipe my ATM card to pay for $75.00 in gas. But my van is paid for, hubby drives a company car (gas paid for there) any complaining I do would be silly.

    It does suck, though.

  • Janet

    Not yet. But, lawdy, after pulling our tent trailer this weekend, and seeing how much gas we burned through, I feel like weeping. So does Mother Earth. Will we go back to a tent?

  • Holly

    I guess I can't say I've started driving less, but I don't drive that much -- just around town for errands. If gas prices keep going up, though, I'm going to have to get inventive!

  • Melanie

    Oh absolutley. I can't afford to buy gas for my to take me to the grocery store where I can no longer afford food.

  • Chuck

    Oh dude. You seriously are not alone on this one. Car parked. Stay inside. Thank heavens for job at home...


  • just jamie

    I drive to Target less often. Sucks.

  • Pampered

    We started running our deisel tractor and truck (well, Dad's, but we use it too so that we only have 1 mower) on homemade biodeisel from used fryer grease. Works out really great, and its super renewable!

  • LikeAstaR

    I am so with you!! It is so frustrating to not be able to go beyond a 5 mile radius.. Once I am home I just plot my next trip to the store, etc tacked on to a must-leave situation such as little gym, or church actiivties. Frustrating.

  • Motherhood for Dummies

    Yea we are paying $3.91 a gallon. that is why we only have one car... not that we couldn't afford another car... we need one, but we can afford another car plus anoth $100-$200 a month for gas :(

  • Christine

    I blogged about this last week.

  • Magpie

    I think about it. I don't have to drive much, luckily. But my husband does, and drives an older guzzler, and it totally sucks.

  • Sandi McBride

    Yes...of course it does...I'm sick of hearing about how the UK and Europe have paid these high prices for years, we don't have the convenience of public transport (like trains and busses that stop in each and every village in existance, trains that stop in small village or large...then dump you out in large places to catch a bus or taxi...try that here...yes, gas prices are astounding and someone has the answer, they're paying her off tho, not to share it with us!
    opps, sorry about the rant...David sent me, hope you aren't sorry!

  • JCK

    It has. I live in LA county and don't drive all that much, but it is a driving community. I think about trips now. And I REALLY think about it at the gas pump!

  • Inventing Matilda

    I am so glad to have the summer weather that is pleasant. I have been walking to our neighborhood market to buy groceries and my daughters enjoy the stroller ride and the stop at the park on the way home. Gas prices are hovering around $3.60 here in Denver and I thank myself every day for not buying the SUV I was salivating over a little while back.
    -Inventing Matilda

  • lisa marie

    We have been hoping against hope it would not rise more before our vacation and in the mean time staying home more to help have the money for the extra cost of gas on vacation. We will prob stay home a lot after vacation.

    Only thing is, hubby's job is all over the state so I can still get out of the house if I want to go to work wiht him. :)

  • Stacy

    It really hasn't affected me too much since I don't have to drive very far. I live in work in the same town, which is rare in this metro area. I have less than 4 miles to drive to work and daycare is on the way. It's fabulous. I could probably bike to work if I didn't have to worry about dropping the kids off at daycare.

    Milk - $4.49/gal
    Grapes - $3.50/lb
    Gas - $3.68/gal (Costco - totally worth the membership - we usually save at least $0.10 gal)

  • Pann

    I ride my bike to work, my babysitter uses the car to pick up the kids.

    I walk to work or to my daughter's school whenever I can (if I have time, the weather is nice).

    I try to consolidate trips whenever I can.

    The thing is - I already didn't drive much, so the cost of gas is really just impacting my budget. I have less money because more has to be spent on filling the tank.


  • Killlashandra

    Of course it has, how it could it not? I ride the train and the university sponsored shuttle to work in order to not drive the 45 miles to the office. We aren't going to travel very much over the summer as driving is too expensive. I was thinking of seeing family in Atlanta but now think we'll just be camping here. OH well.

  • Precious

    On April 18th on my blog I wrote about gasoline costs and there is a calculator that can be helpful in figuring out what trips are costing you.

  • SAHMmy Says

    I'm trying to put vacation gas in perspective: if gas is $1 more a gallon than it was last year, then even if we use 100 gallons of gas--that's about 7 fillups (way more than we'll need)--it would only cost us $100 more to travel than it cost last year. Not like I've got extra $100s bulging out of my purse, but it takes the edge off the worry.

  • Ornery's Wife

    We got rid of a second vehicle and I am staying home all the time. NOT that I went out that often anyway, but I'm sure not going now! I am also doing a lot of my shopping on line instead of driving around. Cool and comfy in my p.j.'s! Of course postage is almost as bad as gas!

    Me thinks I wouldn't let it get quite so empty, though. The sticker shock of a full tank might do you in!