Monday, November 12, 2007


Our son has never been sick in his entire 15 months of life. Not one fever, ear ache, cold or flu symptom. I credit the breast milk.

When I woke up and saw 8:30 on the alarm clock today, I knew something was drastically wrong. He crows by 5 AM each day. Every day. I haven't slept until 8:30 in 2 years.

He was sleeping with rosy cheeks and pale skin. He was hot to the touch. We woke him and he was lethargic and lifeless. Naturally, it was a weekend when the Doctor's offices are closed.

We cracked open the What To Expect - Toddler Years book (for the 1st time and, yes, we ARE that clueless) and scrambled for a thermometer. His rectal temperature read 104.9. Taking a rectal temperature for the first time may warrant its' own blog post in the future. Oy ve.

Enter panic mode.

We stripped him of his clothes, gave him liquids, Tylenol and within 15 minutes his temperature dropped 2 degrees. 4 hours later his body temperature was normal. I'm hoping we get through the night okay.

I thought watching your child receive shots was hard. Watching his unresponsive body and glassy eyes lay on my chest, tightened my heart strings even more.

This parenting gig is tough.