Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Save $$ - Grocery Shopping Tactics

Below is a compilation of the top 15 ways we have found to save money shopping for groceries.

Please feel free to comment on what grocery shopping saving tactics work for you!

1- Take inventory. Know what you have in stock (this seems so obvious).
2- Shop different stores for items that are on sale (yes this is inconvenient).
3- Stockpile items on sale and plan meals on the sale items.
4- Purchase items on sale with a coupon if you can.
5- Organize, organize, organize. Plan a list. Make a list. Stick to the list!
6- If you need to sign up for the grocery card to get the savings, do it.
7- Shop on double coupon days if your store participates.
8- If coupons are really good, buy multiple newspapers to stockpile them.
9- Check out grocery stores' web-sites for online-only coupons.
10- Bring a calculator to determine cost /unit to decide on size (bulk or not).
11- Buy store or generic brands if they are cheaper.
12- Look up and down. The most expensive brand are always at eye level.
13- Always review your receipt for errors (this happens far too frequently).
14- Shop with less people if you can. Less people = less impulse buys.
15- NEVER shop hungry. And this is challenging because I'm always hungry!

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It works for us.