Thursday, August 23, 2007

13 Things I Don't Miss ... About The Office

Below are the top 13 things I don't miss about leaving my job as a Software Engineer to stay home with our son for a few years.

1- I don't miss seeing all my friends get outsourced. Over and over again.

2- I don't miss the Linux versus Windows debates. Who wins that: nobody.

3- I don't miss Mr. Know-It-All and Ms. Know-It-All (the control freaks).

4- I don't miss all the stressful, unrealistic deadlines.

5- I don't miss selling bad enterprise software to clients who know better.

6- I don't miss all the meetings that only resulted in more meetings.

7- I don't miss all the traveling and sitting in airports. Getting frustrated.

8- I don't miss clients saying "they didn't do anything to break it".

9- I don't miss database deadlocks.

10- I don't miss all the overtime. Again. And again. And yet again.

11- I don't miss managing people or project plans. Both are challenging.

12- I don't miss time reporting.

13- I don't miss being a goldfish; being inside dreaming of outside.

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